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No matter what you are faced with, there is a solution waiting for you. Whether you want to try any of our existing products or you have a special need, get in touch. We will get you going today.

  • Coleman

    Coleman allows to better manage HR and knowledge. Improve collaboration, data integrity and overal security. Coleman brings together
    ¬ Organization directory
    ¬ Organization Agenda
    ¬ Produce and Manage Staff & Visitors ID
    ¬ Real time access monitoring
    ...and more
    Try Coleman today. Contact us

  • Coltrane

    Coltrane is a web application designed for online submission and processing of applications and registration files. Coltrane was designed for academic institutions and it is the solution online management of admission, student ID, evaluation, assignment, transcripts and reporting. Try it today, it's free.

  • Duke

    Duke is our wealth management solution, designed for financial institutions. Let your clients submit their applications and files using our secured platform. Duke offers an advanced reporting tool. Collaborate with your staff and clients online and from anywhere. Duke is also available on your mobile.

  • Dexter

    Dexter enables GIS technology to provide real time remote management and infrastructure monitoring. We've used Dexter to monitor telecommunication networks, public infrastructures, natural resources and mining sites. Dexter is also a reliable tool for city planning and fleet management. Contact our experts, let's design a solution for your needs. We are here to help.

  • Cl!ckNews

    The Cl!ckNews is your multichannel communicattion solution. Try our basic solution, which includes email newsletter. You may then opt for additionnal features such as social media presence and branding.

  • Neuron

    If that form exists, then you can find it on Neuron: Select the service or the process you want to apply for, pick the correct form, fill it and post it online. Neuron will then submit your form to the relevant resources and provide you with relevant information for follow-up. If applicable, make your payment online. Create a Neuron user account to get your feedback online.